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Story by Tor Pinney                                                                                                                                        Back to List of Tor's Tales


1990 Tor Pinney - All Rights Reserved


A small boy hears the ocean roar,
"There're secrets on my distant shore!"
"Come sail away," the ship's bells chime.

But quickly come and go the years
And he's a young man, now, who hears
The sea call, "Come! While there's still time!"
Instead, his precious days are sold
For trinkets, houses, cars, and gold,
And business thrives in middle-age.
"I'll go," he swears with all his might,
"As soon as things are all just right,"
Then turns back to his gilded cage.
Oh, Time you thief, you cheat, you liar!
Promising men's heart's desire
Soon, but not now. Wait. Not yet.
An old man weeps upon a beach
For seas and secrets never reached.
He cries, "I have but one regret,"
"That long before my health was failing
I didn't go to sea a-sailing!
Oh, if I had only listened....."
Ship's bells chime a lonely last note,
"You could have had a worthy sailboat
And with champagne she'd have been christened!"

 ~ End ~

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