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A Few of My Original Songs

I've written scores of songs, many of which have been published and recorded. Some years ago I taped a bunch of my sailing & island tunes on a friend's little 4-track tape deck, overdubbing myself 4 times, mixing those tracks down to one, and then adding three more tracks. So all the voices and instruments you hear on these tapes are me. It's just a rough, homemade tape intended to present the melodies and lyrics to some producers.  Here are a few of those tunes, plus a couple of one-track one-takes:

For a a history of the rock bands my brother,
Roy, and I had in the 1960's, check out Glory Days,

Tor Live!

I was 1/3 of a hot trio in Beaufort, North Carolina during the summer of 2009, playing electric bass for the first time ever. My good friend, John Nelson, was on the guitar. He and I both sang, but the real voice in the group was Suzannah! She is flat out awesome. Pretty, too. 

I left for the Caribbean after that musical summer and Suzannah eventually wandered off, too. John is still performing there, sometimes solo, sometimes with backup musicians.


Glory Days

60sgaragebands.com has released a CD of my earliest bands' music. My article, Glory Days, a history of the garage bands my brother, Roy, and I had in the 1960's, is reprinted in the CD's jacket booklet. It chronicles the musicians and the music on this CD. There are some way-too-kind reviews and free music samples online at www.cdbaby.com/cd/chains , and you may still be able to order a copy of The Chains' CD at:


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