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Review - Ready for Sea!


From the Publisher's Catalog

Ready for Sea!

How to Outfit the Modern Cruising Sailboat and Prepare Your Vessel and Yourself for Extended Passage-Making & Living Aboard

By Tor Pinney
Illustrations by Bruce Bingham

Ready for Sea! is a comprehensive handbook on how to prepare a sailboat for extended cruising as well as for living aboard. The author considers the equipment, systems and modifications that will transform a basic sailboat—one already operational and of sound construction—into a long range cruiser. There is a wide range of topics covered, from the bare essentials to improvements on deck and below deck to safety afloat, electronics, and much more.

Ready for Sea! is well balanced, very accurate, reliable and exceedingly accessible. Pinney's voice is laidback and engaging. The author's own cruising boats have ranged from engineless wooden boats to systems-intensive contemporary boats, and his experience is broader than that of most cruisers. This is the perfect book for those who are thinking about converting a boat for use as a long-term cruiser.

"...Pinney delivers the goods [and] will make you smarter about what to look for.... The organization flows, the tone engages, and the prose explains without re-reading." —Sailing magazine

"If you're planning on cruising, or dreaming of it, then this book should certainly be on your reading list." —Good Old Boat  

"Even if you aren't planning to live aboard any time soon, the book offers enough projects to keep you or your yard busy with improvements for a long time to come." —Soundings

About the Author:
Captain Tor Pinney is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Ocean Master, a former Caribbean offshore delivery captain and charter skipper. He has lived aboard sailboats much of his life and has logged nearly 150,000 nautical miles under sail. His articles appear in national boating magazines here and abroad including Cruising World, SAIL, Yachting, Ocean Navigator, Cruising Helmsman, Motorboat and Yachting, Yachting World and many others. 

256 pp. 20 line drawings, 10 b&w photos. March 2002. Paperback. $23.95
ISBN 1-57409-144-1


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