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Travelogue - 01/28/04                                                                                                                               Links to all Travelogue pages



This section of my web site is for family & friends who want to find out where I am and what I'm up to. I am about to embark upon what I hope will be a very long adventure, or an open-ended series of adventures. These travelogue pages are intended to ramble with me, to be my journal, punctuated with photos, of where I go and what I encounter. They may also serve as notes for future stories and articles.

It seems most new ventures begin when the former one ends. I begin this journal and this journey in Barrington, Rhode Island, where I have been living and working for the past 5 years building up an Internet-focused yacht sales business, which I am now in the process of selling. 

The fellow taking over Anchor Yacht & Ship Sales, Joshua Hodgson, recently took this photo of me to commemorate the precise end of my 5-year commitment to developing the company. It marks the end of my Anchor Yachts venture, and so it is the beginning of something new. Of these past five years I can say that while working is generally the best means of accumulating money, five years of it is about as much as I'm willing to tolerate at a stretch. Now I am returning to my "real" life, that of a traveler, cruising sailor, entrepreneur and writer.


As Josh takes over Anchor Yachts, I'm actively searching for an RV, a "recreational vehicle," in which I plan to live and travel for a while beginning in March. Let me say from the beginning, however, that I will measure the success of my upcoming travels not by how strictly I stick to my plans, but at least in part by how readily I change directions when a better course presents itself. Maybe I'll philosophize about the value of spontaneity and what I call the Art of Surrender later. For now, since I've got an awful lot to do to pack up and get going, I'll just outline what I think I'm going to do for the next year or so because some of you have been asking.

Plan A is, as I've said, to buy an RV, hopefully in the next week or so, and be packed and moved out of Rhode Island by the first of March. Then, before hitting the open road, I'm going to spend a couple of weeks in Manhattan, staying at my father's midtown apartment. I think it'll be fun to do some big-city stuff before heading off into the wilderness, for the sheer contrast of it. The real point, however, is to spend some extra time with my Big Apple family, the visit climaxing with our traditional St. Patrick's Day celebration not because we're Irish - we're not - but because we are four generations of native New Yorkers and the St. Pat's parade up 5th Avenue (and the pub party afterwards) is a New York thing.

Next  I'll probably drive the RV down to Beaufort, North Carolina to visit my friends, John & Lisa Nelson. John has been my best friend since 2nd grade and I have more than once begun a new voyage with a visit to wherever he happens to be. Besides, I have to give the spring season a chance to work its way north before I set out to drive across Canada to British Columbia by way of Banff in the Canadian Rockies. That promises to get me into some of the most beautiful country in this part of the world and I'm looking forward to seeing it. By mid-summer I may mosey on up to Alaska.

In the fall I expect I will store the RV wherever it is, fly back East for a visit, and then catch a flight to New Zealand. From there the plan gets fuzzier. I'll be looking for a live-aboard sailboat to buy to cruise the South Pacific, but I also want to spend some time checking out New Zealand's South Island by road and trail. And I'd like to visit Australia, and trek from Thailand to Viet Nam, and go to China. And East Africa, and Madagascar and the Seychelle's & Maldive's, and there's more beyond that. Much more. Hopefully, I'll just keep going for a long, long time. So many places... What fun!

I invite you to visit here from time to time. If you ever wonder where I am, just point your browser to www.tor.cc and click to these Travelogue pages. I'd also enjoy hearing from you. I may not always receive emails right away, but that's probably going to be the most direct way to reach me much of the time.

Hasta luego,

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