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Tor's Tips


Techniques and Guides for the Cruising Sailor by Tor Pinney                                             Copyright Notice

Check out Tor's book, Ready for Sea!

2-dozen Cruising Tips - sailboat upgrade, outfitting & cruising tips written for SAIL magazine

A Cure for Insomnia - a simple, effective, natural way to overcome sleeplessness

A Serpent in the Garden - all about crimes committed against Caribbean sailors

A Vein in God's Body - cruising Guatemala's exotic and remote Rio Dulce

Anchor Right to Stay Put - the right way to anchor a boat, explained in detail

And the Livin' is Easy - cruising (and hiking!) the beautiful island of Grenada

Backing Up the Self-Steering - good, better and best solutions (including tiller pilot to windvane)

Contrast Cruising - taking a break from paradise

Cruising with Pup - prepare your boat, your dog and yourself for sailing together

Cruising to Carnival in Cadiz - a cruising guide to Spain's wildest party!

Dodging Sea Monsters - collision avoidance tactics for offshore skippers

eBay Life Rafts - guidelines for buying and re-certifying a secondhand life raft

Florida to the Caribbean - The Delivery Skipper's Route - how, when & where

Homemade Hardtops - strong, inexpensive bimini & dodger hardtops you can build yourself

Installing the New Jib Furler - installing new roller furling yourself

Lift It or Lose It - why and how to hoist your dinghy out for the night

Mooring Mediterranean Style - techniques & tips for docking end-on to a pier

Outfitting Checklists - A series of checklists for equipping a boat for voyaging and cruising

Prop Walk - its cause and effects, and how to use it to your advantage

The Integrated Energy System - the definitive guide to onboard electrical energy

The Last Chance Trip Line - a simple idea that can SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Sea Snakes - learn all about this very deadly and very common danger

Spaghetti Mediterraneo - a cruising mate's recipe

Springing the Rode - a simple, useful and little-known anchoring technique

The Amazing Mizzen - techniques for using the mizzen sail on a ketch or a yawl

The Cost of Cruising - exactly what it costs to go and keep going

The RV PC Hack - staying Internet-connected on the road

The Truth About Cruising - common problems cruisers face, what to do about them

Viva Puerto Rico! - highlights of this large and under-rated cruising ground

What's in a Name? - the history, custom and dilemma of naming our boats


Tor's Tales - true stories of travel and adventure, mostly under sail


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